Having troubles uploading a photo?

If you are having troubles uploading your Official Weekly photo, it can often due to the size or file type, you could try reducing the size of the image or saving it as a different file type (e.g JPEG, PNG).

If the photo is appearing sideways, you can flip it in your image editing program or copy it into Paint, flip and save the image.

We suggest using Google Chrome as your Web Browser if you are not already. You can download Google Chrome by clicking on the following link: https://www.google.com/chrome/

Lastly, just check you are following all the steps to uploading your photo:

You can upload your photo with your Official Weekly Weigh-In, this is on your scheduled Weigh-In Day. To do this please follow the steps:

  1. Click Tracker > Food and Exercise Diary
  2. Select View Calendar > Choose your scheduled Weigh In date (this is the day you chose when you completed program set-up)
  3. Click 'Weigh In Here'
  4. Enter your weight and select 'Official Weekly Weigh-in.' A drop down box will appear and allow you to upload a full body photo, wearing comfortable clothing.
  5. Click Submit > Save Changes.
  6. As confirmation, you will then be taken to your Weigh-In Message page where you should be able to see your photo.

Once you have uploaded this photo you should be able to see it in your tracker when you click 'weigh-in here' on that date as well as in your 'weigh-in photo gallery'.

To check that your photo has been uploaded, click here to view your weigh-in photo gallery.

If you continue to have troubles, please send your photo, weight and weigh-in date to support@totalwellbeingdiet.com and our Member Services team will assist.

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