Troubleshooting - Dietitian sessions

If you are experiencing any issues with a Dietitian Session, please see below:

I can't see my Dietitian

Please first check that both the camera and microphone on your computer have been enabled and is allowing Total Wellbeing Diet to access your computer.

You can find instructions on how to do this here: Firefox // Chrome

If this doesn't work, please call customer support on 02 8294 8261.

I'm getting the message ‘No Dietitian has been assigned to you’

Please call customer support on 02 8294 8261.

I'm getting a 'waiting for Dietitian' message

This message can appear for several reasons:

  • You have not allowed access to your camera and/or microphone. See 'I can't see my Dietitian'
  • You don't have a camera or microphone.
  • Your Dietitian has not joined the session or is experiencing technical difficulties

If you're still getting this message 5 minutes after the session has started, please contact customer support on 02 8294 8261.

I'm using a mobile or a tablet and can't connect

The Dietitian service is currently only available on desktop or laptop computers using either Firefox or Chrome browsers.


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