Change exercise plan

We have a variety of exercise plans available on the program. You can select from the various options, depending on your ability.

You can change your exercise plan at any time by selecting the relevant option under > Settings > My Profile > Change Exercise plan preferences

You will automatically be put into week 1 of the new program.

Please see below for some of the plans available:

  • Shape – for weight loss or fat loss
  • Health – for general fitness, health and wellness
  • Strength – to build muscle strength and size
  • Sport – to boost athletic performance
  • Walk & Tone – walks and toning sessions which can be done at home
  • Health & Mobility – to improve flexibility and functional fitness
  • Running programs
  • Specialty – various programs for activities such as skiing and team sports

The Exercise Library on the Total Wellbeing Diet website contains videos and photos of more than 500 exercises, including techniques and tips on how to perform the exercises correctly.

If you require any further assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us.


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