‘Indulgences' are are not an essential or necessary part of our dietary patterns.

What is an Indulgence?

Indulgence foods are high in kilojoules, saturated fat, added sugars, refined starch and added salt or alcohol. They should be eaten only in small amounts. Examples of indulgence choices include: sweet biscuits, cakes and desserts, processed meats and sausages, ice-cream, confectionery and chocolate, meat pies and other pastries, commercial burgers, hot chips and fried foods, Crisps and other high fat / refined starch and/or salty snacks, cream and butter, sugar-sweetened cordials, soft drinks, fruit drinks and sports drinks and alcoholic drinks.

One indulgence unit is 420 kilojoules, so it will usually be a small portion!

Here are some examples on what an indulgence is on the Total Wellbeing Diet. 

How many Indulgences can I have?

To view your allowed Indulgences for the week, CLICK HERE.

You can choose to save your indulgences for the weekend, or for a particular day of the week, we let you decide on what indulgence you eat and when you eat them. This is very much based on individual preferences. Please note, that we do not recommend you have 7 alcohol indulgence units at once.

Remember to keep track of your indulgences using the Tracker. It may be preferable for you to select the ‘view week’ option for the food units chart within your tracker, since the chart will show that you are over your indulgences for the day level if you enter all indulgences on one day.

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