Is Protein Balance better than the original Total Wellbeing Diet?

TWD Protein Balance is no better for weight loss, but may be more helpful for hunger control and muscle metabolism.

The innovation to the Total Wellbeing Diet online program will provide a new approach to the timing of eating protein, which may make a substantive difference for people who want to kick-start a healthier new year. The CSIRO research found a higher protein weight loss diet could be optimised further by focusing on the distribution of protein over the day, in particular at breakfast.

There’s no such thing as a one-size fits all approach to weight loss, but there’s a range of healthy ways to lose weight. The research into nutrition and diet is constantly evolving, and by offering a choice in diets people can choose the right science-backed option for their circumstances, health and lifestyle.

The original Total Wellbeing Diet is still available is a proven method of weight loss. The new Total Wellbeing Diet Protein Balance program has been developed as another scientifically backed variation for people who might find eating more protein at breakfast appealing.

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