Refund Criteria

If you have completed the Total Wellbeing Diet online, you may be eligible for a refund or rebate.

To be eligible for a full program refund, you need to satisfy the following criteria:

  1. Record your weight in the online diary at least once a week for 12 consecutive weeks, within the week of your scheduled weigh-in; and
  2. Upload a photo of yourself every week for the 12 week program via your private weight tracker within the website; and
  3. Achieve a net weight loss over the 12-weeks; and
  4. Complete a program completion survey; and
  5. Submit your refund request to our Member Services team within 14-days of completing the program; and
  6. Consent to using your story for marketing promotions; and
  7. Not be eligible for a rebate through participating health funds.

If you believe you are eligible for a refund, please contact Member Services to determine your eligibility.

Please note, the full refund offer is not available in combination with other offers (including Book Bundle offers). Please click here for the full Terms and Conditions.

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